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Residential SOD Sales & Installation

Cochrane Sod Farm provides expert agronomic services to our residential clients, helping improve the appearance of their homes. We provide delivery to our customers' home sites as well as installation upon request.

Do-It-Yourself Sod Installation

Installing sod yourself requires a lot of physical labor. If you’re willing to perform the work, there is no reason you can’t lay the sod yourself.  Here are a few of the steps needed to complete an installation of sod rolls from New Lawn Sod Farm:

  • Begin by leveling and smoothing the ground.
  • Once we deliver the sod, install it immediately.  Remember, sod is a living plant that requires good contact and moisture to survive.
  • Start at a straight level edge of your lawn—perhaps the edge of your driveway or walkway. Stagger the sod rolls in a “brickwork” pattern. As an alternative, you may use string to replicate a straight edge.
  • Once each sod roll is unrolled, pull them together very tightly, leaving no gaps.
  • Keep the first row ahead of the second and the second roll ahead of the third roll, and so-on.
  • Trim uneven edges and around shapes by using a spade or sod knife.

Water immediately, preferably within 15 minutes of installation. Make sure you thoroughly soak the sod, avoiding high traffic for several weeks. for more information on watering your new lawn. 
Finally, you’ll want to discuss maintenance options with our technicians—fertilization, grub control and more.


  • " I ordered SOD from Cochrane after a my pool installation. They delivered exactly when they said they would, placed the skid where I asked and the driver even offered to help me unload some to another area in my yard. Great Team and a great product. Very Happy "

    5 Stars
    Trevor Howard