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Soil Preparation - Before Your Sod Arrives

Well-Prepared Soil Equals A Successful Sod Installation

Beautiful blades begin with outstanding soil preparation. That means a little work before you install your sod will go a long way to a beautiful grass carpet in the future.  Listed below are the steps you need to accomplish before your sod finds its home:

  • Once you select your site for sod installation, clear all visible debris (large rocks, branches, etc.) and prepare for tilling.
  • Rough till the site to deter any drainage problems that might occur. Make sure the site is well graded and sloping.
  • Start deep tilling your site to about a two inch depth. Do this before you amend the soil to discourage weed growth and soil compaction. This will help your sod bond with the soil and encourage deep root growth and water movement.
  • Add about four to six inches of topsoil to give your sod the best chance to develop a good root structure. Topsoil should consist of loamy sand, clay loam, loam, silt loam or other suitable soil for the area. If possible, incorporate humus (fully decomposed organic matter) into the top soil. 
  • Check with a local garden center or turf professional to determine the optimal soil pH in your area. Test the pH of the soil. Generally, if the soil tests above a 7.5 pH, add sulphur or gypsum. If the soil tests below 6, add lime.
  • Apply a high phosphorus starter fertilizer (that’s the middle number on the bag) and work it into the top three to four inches of top soil.
  • Finish grading the site, making sure you are sloping your site to prevent poor water drainage. Roll the soil to lightly pack the site and lightly water. 

You are now ready to install your sod rolls!