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If you are one of the thousands of homeowners trying your best to maintain a healthy lawn and landscape, you are a better environmental keeper than you may have thought.

Believe it or not, turf grass provides a great deal more than a lush outdoor carpet for your property.

Here are a few ways in which grass can help the environment and why it’s important to maintain it.


Your lawn serves as a natural air-conditioner. A well-maintained lawn and landscape will keep your home significantly cooler; don’t believe it? On the next hot sunny day, go stand barefoot in your lawn for a few minutes, and then see how long you can stand in the street or sidewalk the difference in temperature and comfort is measurable. The turf on eight average-sized healthy front lawns has the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning, enough for 16 average homes.


Research over the last fifteen years has proven that stormwater runoff from a fit lawn seldom occurs. Not only does grass slow down water and soil runoff, but it also defends surface water quality as it filters and cleans the water permeating into lakes, rivers, streams and drainage systems.


Grass plants seize and use greenhouse gases, thereby offsetting climate change. Turf also traps air pollution and creates much of the oxygen we breathe. A 50- by 50-foot area yields enough oxygen to sustain a family of four to breathe for one year. Turf also acts as a barrier that deters impurities from entering the soil profile.


Grass offers a very competent and budget-friendly erosion control function. Turf catches raindrops before they disturb the soil. Turf promotes water filtration rather than runoff. Our creeks and drainage set-up would be completely overwhelmed if not for turf's water-retention capabilities.


Noise pollution comes from a variety of sources and those living in cities are more at risk than those who live in rural communities. It has been found that noise pollution has adverse effects that range from general hearing decline to severe psychological reactions. Grateful, grass acts as a natural sound barrier, with grasslands and lawns attracting a considerable amount of sound.

While grass is an important part of your home let Cochrane Sod Farms make it easier to add that perfect addition.